Shand & Jurs Biogas manufacture a complete line of digester gas safety equipment and waste gas burners/flares, including pressure/vacuum vents, flame arresters, 3-way safety selector valves, emergency vent/manhole covers and cover position indicators. Information about some of these products can be found below. For more detailed information please visit their website.

Combination Conservation Vent and Flame Arrester

The S&J Biogas Model 97570 is a combination of their 94020 Conservation Vent and 94306 Flame Arrester in a single, easy to configure package providing for pressure and vacuum relief, as well as positive flame stop on low pressure tanks containing flammable liquids or solvents having a low flash point. 

3-Way Safety Selector Valve

The S&J Biogas Model 97190 3-Way Selector Valve permits the safe and efficient maintenance of redundant pressure relief systems without any process interruptions. This is achieved through the smooth operation of the valve, allowing full flow from the primary system, to be diverted to the secondary system while providing positive shut off for the isolated system. The switching of the systems through a single valve only requires one connection into the pressure vessel, allowing the quick change over and avoiding the costly depressurizing of the system. 

Sediment Trap

The S&J Biogas Model 97120 Sediment Trap is designed to drop out sediment and condensate from "wet" gas immediately downstream from the digester. This protects downstream equipment from corrosion, blockage and water hammer to keep the gas train running for years with low pressure drop. 

Clamping Manhole Cover

The S&J Biogas Model 95220 Clamping Manhole Cover is designed as an economical solution that provides ready access to tanks by means of an easily opened-dome hinged cover. The design of the model 95220 employs a threaded clamping handle along with a flexible o-ring seal, affording a tight gas tight seal between the cover and the corrosion resistant seat.  All sizes ( 42", 48", 54" and 60" ANSI sizes) have flat face, drilled flanges. The Manhole Cover is provided with a self-locking foot pedal and safety docking pins for security against unexpected closure of the cover. 

Enclosed Burner

The S&J Biogas Model 97311 Enclosed burner incinerates harmful emissions from waste gas streams. Typical applications include fermentation off gas piping systems such as anaerobic digesters or landfill gas. This unit has no visible flame which makes it ideal for residential areas.