Gooch Thermal Systems, Inc. manufacture spiral heat exchangers and other heat transfer equipment. They are a major supplier of spiral plate heat exchangers for both industrial and municipal applications. Please contact us for more information or visit their website at

Spiral heat exchangers are used for such applications as:

  • Process heating and cooling.
  • Heating municipal biological sludge for anaerobic digestion.
  • Heat recovery from plant effluent.
  • Heat recovery from white water in a paper mill.
  • Heat recovery from condensate in the chemical recovery area of pulp mill.

They have applications in the following types of plants to name a few:

  • Pulp and Paper.
  • Municipal waste treatment.
  • Petro-chemical.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Food.
  • Iron and Steel.

Spiral Heat Exchanger for heating municipal biological sludge for anaerobic digestion.

An installation of spiral heat exchangers for heating  sludge for anaerobic digestion

A large spiral heat exchanger used in a pulp and paper plant for heat recovery from plant effluent

A spiral heat exchanger installed at an industrial plant.