Enaqua system offers a unique non-contact system of providing UV dosing to wastewater plant effluent without the maintenance issues experienced with traditional submerged quartz tube contact systems. Please contact us for more information or you can visit the Enaqua website for more information. www.enaqua.com


  • Unfiltered to tertiary wastewater effluent.
  • Low-quality combined sewer overflow (CSO).
  • Water reuse.
  • Sequencing batch reactors (SBR)

Features on the non-contact system

  • Water flows through AFP™ tubes with UV lamps on the outside.
  • Lamps are not enclosed in quartz sleeves thus easy to change.
  • Lamps turn on and off as the water level rises and falls in the channel.
  • Only lamps below water level are turned on thus saving energy.

Lamp Racks

The Enaqua lamp rack is very easy to remove and the lamps can easily be changed similar to changing fluorescent lamps in an office. There are no quartz sleeves to clean or deal with during lamp replacement.

AFP™ tubes

Water flows through the AFP™ tubes. The tubes are highly resistant to fouling and easy to clean should it ever be necessary. Only the lamps adjacent to tubes with water flowing through them are are turned on thus saving energy compared to submerged systems with lamp dimming systems.