Aqua Equip Technologies LLC designs and manufactures fill media for various industries and applications. Made from plastics such as PVC and PP,  the fill media are used for water and waste water treatment, For more information please visit their website.


Highly effective fill media for water treatment processes. Fixed-bed biofilm reactors use fill media with a vertical flow channel shape. The vertical channel shape facilitates an easy sludge discharge for high organic loadings. This is due to increased biomass growth in FBBR applications. Depending on their customer needs, they design the appropriate fill media which provides the maximum allowable surface area. This also ensures an even distribution of liquid and air for the best treatment results. .

Full vertical-flow and cross-flow film fill for bio-filters are available in various configurations to suit the application. The above vertical flow media can be used for moderately strong polluted water for BOD removal and nitrification. It is available in PP or PVC.

The above vertical flow net structure can be used for strongly polluted water for BOD removal and partial nitrification. It is available in PP or HDPE.

The above cross flow media is can treat a wide range of polluted waters strengths and is available in PP or PVC.