individual pageAnue Water Technologies, Inc. offers solutions for controlling odour, FOG and corrosion associated with the operation of pumping stations and force mains. For more information please visit their website

FORSe series


• Odour Control
• Corrosion Control
• BOD Reduction
• COD Reduction
• Dissolved Oxygen control
• De-colourization
• Disinfection

Anue’s FORSe series technology was created to treat wastewater corrosion and odour in force mains and lift stations. These systems are designed to solve odour and corrosion problems at their source, which is typically anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB).

  • FORSe2 Oxygenation of force main systems for corrosion and odour control 
  • FORSe3 Ozone generation for reuse applications
  • FORSe5 Combines ozone and oxygen infusion technologies to solve multiple issues

The most crucial step in the treatment process is the mass transfer of oxygen into the water phase of the force main. Anue’s Oxygen delivery methods are proven to effectively treat corrosion and odour in the Main Lines. This process not only provides liquid phase corrosion prevention, but vapor phase odour control as well. There are multiple infuser options, selected on the basis of system hydraulics and chemistry parameters, including pressure, flow, detention time and sulfide/biological oxygen demand (BOD) levels.

Anue’s oxygen delivery technology provides beneficial O2 to the force main, creating a positive dissolved Oxygen level eliminating the corrosive anaerobic SRB activity there by reducing costly maintenance and repair while extending life in collection systems.

Phantom series


ANUE’s Phantom Series provides point source odour elimination by infusing ozone into recycled wastewater to react with and remove hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from collection system lift stations.

The Phantom eliminates expensive perpetual chemical feed systems as well as ongoing corrosion and maintenance issues associated with vapor phase hydrogen sulfide. Current chemical treatment using Calcium Nitrate products requires special handling and storage. These chemicals are expensive, hazardous and have perpetual and increasing annual costs.

The Phantom’s small footprint and quiet operation (< 60db) makes it the best and most efficient design in the market today. It provides an excellent solution for high traffic areas in neighborhood locations where a small profile and an aesthetically clean and attractive solution is desired.

Enviroprep series


Anue’s patented Enviroprep™ Systems condition wastewater to provide ongoing lift station cleaning. This amazing technology greatly reduces or eliminates the need for costly vacuum truck and manual confined space clean-outs, providing immediate operational savings and improved safety.

The EP System recycles discharged wastewater, automating lift station cleaning. This virtually eliminates the need for vacuum trucks or manual clean-out. Users realize immediate and ongoing savings, taking pressure off of budgets as well as conserving labor for more productive tasks.

The EP - Series is a wastewater conditioning system for lift stations and sludge vaults. Its mechanical action keeps wells and vaults free of fats, oils and grease (FOG) and can eliminate the need for repetitive clean-out. The EP-1100A systems function by recycling wastewater through the system and returning it back into the well.

Geo-Membrane Odour Control System



The ECOS Geo-Membrane Odour Control System offered by Anue Water Technologies.

  • Eliminates a broad spectrum of odours
  • Has low CapEx and OpEx
  • Is proven in many existing applications
  • Engineered to fit practically any application
  • Has patents pending in North America

A more detailed description of the system can be found in a presentation on Anue's website.