PillAerator high speed turbo blowers are manufactured in Germany to exacting mechanical standards. Featuring a reliable magnetic bearing system that has proven itself in installations in North America, Asia and Europe. The blowers are supported by a facility in Schenectady NY.


  • Wastewater Aeration Tanks
  • Aerobic Fermentation as in Yeast Production
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization


  • Magnetic bearings.
  • High turn down capability.
  • Built-in system to prevent damage from power failures.
  • Built-in air filtration system.
  • Liquid cooled motor and VFD overcomes problems dealing with high ambient air temperatures.
  • Unlimited stop/starts possible.
  • Intergral controls and PLC built into the blower cabinet.

For more information on these blowers visit their website at PillAerator and for other ways to save energy operating aeration tanks in a WWTP please contact us or visit their website

PillAerator Turbo Blower installation in Western Canada

PillAerator Turbo Blower industrial installation.