Nexom provides design support and supply of proven technologies including optAER lagoon aeration upgrades, SAGR™ cold water nitrification, infini-D™ Zero Downtime Cloth Disk Filters, Centra-flo® upflow sand filters, Blue PRO® phosphorus removal process, Blue NITE® denitrification process and Eco BELT™ rotating belt filter. For further information on any of the products and processes offered by Nexom please contact us or visit their website at

Nexom's optAER system is an efficient pond based integrated wastewater treatment system utilized in both municipal and industrial applications. This system maintains the low capital, operation and maintenance costs of stabilization and aerated lagoon concepts, yet can achieve effluent quality performance in line with and often exceeding conventional mechanical treatment facilities.
The optAER system utilizes either new or existing lagoons to provide:
Ammonia Removal (cold and warm climate)

  • Total Nitrogen Removal
  • CBOD Reduction
  • TSS Reduction
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Algae Control/pH stabilization

The optAER system meets a wide spectrum of effluent quality standards by incorporating some or all of the following technologies and processes:

  • MAT Aerated Complete Mix Ponds
  • MAT Aerated Partial Mix Ponds
  • Anoxic Ponds
  • Flow Optimization Baffles
  • Floating Cover Systems
  • Attached Growth Biofiltration
  • Submerged Attached Growth Reactors (SAGR) with LINEAR Aeration
  • Chemical Phosphorus Precipitation
  • Continuous Backwash Sand Filters
  • Cloth Disc Filters


Lagoon Based Nutrient Removal

The submerged attached growth reactor or SAGR is designed to allow for cold water nitrification, making it ideally suited for post lagoon applications in severe cold to moderate climates where water temperatures can reach 0.5°C for extended periods of time.

The SAGR consists of a specifically graded aerated coarse gravel bed. Effluent from the secondary treatment lagoons flows through the gravel media. A full aeration grid using the LINEAR FBA™technology provides aerobic conditions in the media. A layer of insulating mulch prevents freezing during winter operation.

The Nexom infini-D cloth disk filter is used for effluent polishing or phosphorus removal in post lagoon applications or for tertiary treatment following conventional activated sludge plants.

The patented disk isolation system allows an individual disk to be removed while the rest of the disks in the filter tank are processing effluent.

The Blue PRO® process utilizing the Centra-flo® filter can remove phosphorus from wastewater streams to meet the most stringent permit limits. Typical applications are 1) in municipal wastewater plants as tertiary treatment for phosphorus removal and 2) in wastewater facilities at food processing plants for phosphorus removal. Blue PRO® works on both high and low influent concentrations of phosphorus. The process also removes Mercury and other metals from waste water.

The Blue NITE® process uses the Centra-flo filter along with a carbon source to enable denitrification of waste water treatment plant effluents. It can be operated co-currently with the Blue PRO process to enable denitrification and phosphorus removal in the same vessel.

The Eco BELT® rotating belt filter is the perfect solution for small to medium sized waste water treatment plants that need primary clarification but do not have the space for sedimentation tanks. The Eco BELT is very effective in capturing over 50% of the total suspended solids as well as removing screenings and grit from the plant influent.

Typical applications for the Eco BELT can be found in:

  • Aquaculture
  • Dairy Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Poultry
  • Primary Wastewater Treatment
  • Agriculture and Beef Processing
  • Textiles
  • Tanneries
  • Sludge and scum thickening
  • Fuit and Vegetables Processing
  • Grit Removal