Hewitech designs and manufactures fill media for various industries and applications. Made from plastics such as PVC and PP,  the fill media are used for cooling towers, water and waste water treatment, storm water infiltration, and agriculture including sports field drainage. For more information please visit their website.

Highly effective fill media for water treatment processes. There are a great variety of different materials and fills with all kinds of shapes and surfaces enables the engineer to select the type suited best for his application.

Full vertical-flow and cross-flow film fill for bio-filters are available in various configurations to suit the application.

VARIOBOXES are well suited for below grade storm water management systems due to their very high mechanical strength. The modular system is easy to install on construction sites owing to its large free volume and the availability of inspection tunnels.

The Controlbox is well suited for below grade drainage installations due to its very high mechanical strength. It serves as an inspection tunnel for the VARIO-Box system.

The VARIO-Box system allows the height to be adjusted and offers various tunnel openings from 170 to 500 mm in diameter which enables easy installation in the excavated drainage trench. Moreover, these are also used in modern trickling filter systems as an inspection shaft below the actual trickling filter media.

Turf-Drainage elements are well suited for installation below the surface owing to their very high mechanical strength. These specially designed turf drainage elements are particularly suitable as a foundation for both light to moderate green areas e.g. play and sports areas. They are certified by FIFA for use on soccer fields.