ENEXIO designs and manufactures fill media for various industries and applications. Made from plastics such as PVC, PP and PVDF, the fill media are used for cooling towers, water and waste water treatment, storm water infiltration, mass transfer applications, agricultural engineering and aquaculture (fish farming). Knowledge and expertise gathered in over 40 years of experience enables them to help their customers with design and engineering assistance for their plants. For more information please visit their website.

TUBEdek® tube settler modules are available in different sizes to suit the application.


Tube settlers, also called lamella clarifiers or lamella separators, are used to remove solids in water and sewage treatment. TUBEdek® tube settlers are single plastic profiles combined into tubes. This design multiplies the sedimentation area up to 15 times per square meter surface area and helps to improve sedimentation in water and waste water treatment plants. They supply  tube settlers, and the corresponding support system. 


BIOdek® modules for bio-filters are available in various configurations to suit the application.

BIOdek® fill media for fixed film biological processes.

In trickling filters and submerged fixed and moving beds, BIOdek® fills and random media have proven to be a reliable basis for biofilm processes in municipal and industrial waste water treatment. They are as well used in recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) in indoor fish-farming plants. Providing a great variety of different materials and fills with all kinds of shapes and surfaces enables the engineer to select the type suited best for his application.

A typical trickling bio-filter installation incorporating BIOdek® fill media.