Cornell Pump Company

The Cornell Pump Company manufactures a range of centrifugal pumps reputed for their efficiency and reduced maintenance. Cornell have been suppling pumps to the municipal market since the 1960's. Their cutter pump is especially efficient to reducing waste water ragging leading to greater up time and reduced maintenance. Cornell's double volute designs and patented Cycloseal® design help to keep pumps running all across North America and around the world. For more information please contact us.

Dry Pit Non-clog Pumps

Non-Clog Pumps

  • Available 4" to 30"
  • Cast Iron Construction - other materials available
  • Horizontal or Vertical Configurations
  • Flexible or close coupled

Immersible Pumps

  • Immersible motors designed to run up to 2 weeks submerged to 30ft
  • Why install drypit submersible pumps when they run unsubmerged for almost 100% of the time?
  • Immersible motors are designed to run in air most of the time and run in water in case of a flood

Cutter Pumps


  • Cutters are hardened for long life
  • Cutters are shaped to minimize flow restrictions
  • No seal flush system required (Cylcoseal)
  • Cutters can retrofitted to existing pumps (Cornell)
  • Available for pumps from 3" up to 16"


  • Improve pumping station up time and efficiency
  • Breaks up clogs and prevents ragging
  • Minimal energy consumption

Chopper Pumps


  • Sizes 6" x 4" or 8" x 6"
  • Chops solids up to 2 inches
  • No seal flush system required (Cylcoseal)
  • Flows up to 2000 usgpm (126 l/s)
  • Various mounting configurations
  • TDH to 250 ft. (76 m)

Typical Applications

  • Lift stations
  • Septage receiving
  • Sludge transfer and recirculation (Digesters)
  • Clarifier scum

Self Priming Pumps


  • Shimless solids handling impellers
  • Higher head and flows than competitors for a given sized pump
  • No seal flush system required (Cylcoseal)
  • Available pump sizes from 3" up to 8"
  • Pump body and rotating assembly interchangeable with competitors


  • Improve pumping station up time and efficiency
  • Pump body and rotating assembly easily accessible
  • Reduced energy consumption

Submersible Pumps


  • Uses the same wet ends as other well proven Cornell pumps.
  • Tungsten mechanical seals with leak detection
  • Optional glycol cooling jacket available
  • Capacities from 5 l/s to 945 l/s and heads from 3 m to 122 m
  • Various materials of construction available


  • Improve pumping station up time and efficiency
  • Cornell submersible pumps cost less to operate