WATROPUR based in Switzerland manufactures the WATROMAT® sludge dryer. The equipment works on the principle that if you pass dry air through a moist or wet cake it will remove moisture. The resulting moist air can then be dryed again by same principle that air conditioning equipment uses to remove humidity from the air in a building.
Sludge dryers are available from small batch systems all the way up to large continuous belt systems capable of removing of up to 24,000 kg of water in 24 hours in a single unit. The equipment is easy to maintain and operate. Below are some examples of small and large WATROMAT systems available from WATROPUR. For further information or to request a quotation please contact us.

The WATROMAT Model 200S batch dryer uses a custom skip that is filled with sludge cake and then docked with the dryer unit so that the sludge can dried for example using off peak power overnight. This is size will remover up to 200 kg of water in 24 hours.

The WATROMAT Model 3000B is a continuous belt drying system that can be fed from a hopper or continuous process. It will remove up to 3000 kg of water in 24 hours.

The WATROMAT Model 6000B is a continuous belt system capable of removing 6000 kg of water per day and is an example of larger systems that can remove up to 24,0000 kg of water per day in a single unit.

The WATROMAT Screw Press is used to dewater the sludge before entering the dryer