Odomatic uses proprietary technology to convert ambient air into strong oxidizers, such as oxygen ions, oxygen radicals, and hydroxyl radicals (OH•) in order to degrade odour-causing compounds in a gas stream through a process known as advanced oxidation.

The Odomatic advanced oxidation generator presents many benefits over alternative systems, including:

  • Single-phase power supply
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Easily integrates with existing infrastructure
  • Short reaction time (<10 s)

The Odomatic system has already been successfully implemented in the wastewater field for the treatment of odours, with analytical data verifying its performance.

Odomatic Advanced Oxidation Generator

Odomatic Process Schematic

The Odomatic process uses proprietary technology developed by Environmental and Power Solutions Inc. (www.epsinc.ca). For more information please contact us